Profile Management

How to Manage Profiles?

Company Profile:

This option gives you details about the Company name, Email address, Contact number, etc.

User Management:

Using this option, you can create a ‘profile’ and assign privileges. You can now create a ‘role’ where privileges can be assigned. Using ‘User’ you can provide create a user login and assign a role.


Profile facilitates an option to create a profile and assign the privileges. In the above screenshots, you get several modules say Surveys, Templates, Themes, Users, Users & Roles, etc. You can provide privileges to the profile according to the requirement.


As stated in the above screenshot, you can add the name of the role. Assign the privileges according to the Role.


Add the user details for the created Role. You can add the name, email, password and save it.

Survey Workflow:

Once you create a workflow, it takes you to the page where you can select a survey, select an identifier & set a setting for survey workflow. Please find the screenshot below:

KPI Setting:

You can create the dashboard according to the survey you select under KPI setting for a selected span of time.

Ensure to select the ‘Is Active’ checkbox and click on ‘Create new’. You will be able to see the KPIs on the company dashboard.

Recurring Setting:

It triggers the survey based on the recurrence pattern.

Select the recurrence pattern.