Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis:

‘Coefficient of Correlation’ analysis helps to understand which are those statements or activities which have the biggest impact on driving overall satisfaction ( from overriding statements). More is the COC ( > 0.1 ) bigger is the impact. We should focus on those activities/features to make them perfect. Negative COC indicates the reverse relationship i.e if we improve statements whose values < -0.7 , it would rather reduce the satisfaction.

Dominance Analysis

It is a method to measure relative importance of all the factors in multiple regression. This will help to understand which factors ( themes and statements ) would have a relatively bigger impact on the overall sentiments.

  • Areas of Strength: These are those themes and associated statements which are more important relatively than other factors. Most of the time organisations can make efforts to sustain them.

  • Areas of Improvement: These are those themes and associated statements which when worked upon can be improved with slightly more efforts and can become more important in driving overall sentiments