Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis:

Coefficient of Correlation( COC ) is a statistical measure to measure the relation between two variables. The statements shown here have very strong correlation ( assumed COC value of > 80 ) with the overall sentiments of ‘considering everything into account it is Great Place to Work’ i.e if the score of these statements improves then there is very high possibility that overall sentiments will also improve.

Dominance Analysis

It is a method to measure relative importance of all the factors in multiple regression. This will help to understand which factors ( themes and statements ) would have a relatively bigger impact on the overall sentiments.

  • Areas of Strength: These are those themes and associated statements which are more important relatively than other factors. Most of the time organisations can make efforts to sustain them.
  • Areas of Improvement: These are those themes and associated statements which when worked upon can be improved with slightly more efforts and can become more important in driving overall sentiments

The user can also do action planning on the respective statements as shown above.