Template Designer

Template Designer

Users are facilitated with the option to create a survey by adding the statement types. Out of 21 statement types, users can select various statement types in any number and in any order as per their requirement.

Users can add the questions to the page by simply clicking on the desired statement type or dragging the required statement type right in the middle of the page.

Users can also add the name of the page and description of the page in order to distinguish in case of multiple pages.

There are multiple settings options for every particular statement type added: –

  1. Delete Question: It removes the added statement type.
  2. Show/Hide Title: It displays or hides the question title on top.
  3. Is Required: It allows user to select whether a particular statement should be mandatory or not.
  4. Copy: It allows user to copy a particular statement type.
  5. Add to tool-box– Create statement can be added in the toolbox which can be used for creating the same question. This purpose can also be solved by copying the statement.

The last setting option is specific to a statement type. For instance, a Radio Button statement type shows a dropdown which includes different alternatives for the question options like checkbox, image picker, or radiogroup.  On the other hand, a Single Line Text shows two options single input and comment. As per the requirement, user can choose any alternative and the options of the statement types will be modified accordingly.