Theme & Question Analysis

Themes & Questions Analysis

The theme and Question Analysis section deliver the complete analysis of the statements present in the survey. All the questions are categorized under different themes.

Filters can be applied by the Filter option and also dates. The specific timeline can be selected as per the requirement. Scores can also be verified in terms of Overall and Average. Toggle switch to NPS or AVG as per the requirement.

Users can select one theme at a time and all the questions categorized under the selected theme will be displayed below with the overall results and visualizations. The overall score of the selected theme will also be displayed.

According to the timeline selected, the themes show the overall increment or decrement occurred in the scores over the period of time.

The trend line shows the overall score of the theme according to a specific timeline. The timeline can be changed by using the dropdown. The Gauge meter graph displays the overall theme score from 0 to 100.

Users can also further analyse the themes question-wise. The questions coming under the themes are displayed along with the visualization. The scores are displayed in a bar graph and also in a trend-line fashion for every question included in the themes. Users can select a timeline in each question to verify the scores in the trend visualization.

The count of individual options given while answering the questions of the survey to the respondents is displayed in the analysis section.